The Iraqi EFL Learners’ Use of Conversational Maxims at the University Level

Mohammed Jasim Betti, Karrar Salim Yaseen


The current study is an attempt to measure the Iraqi EFL learners’ use of conversational maxims at the recognition level. The study aims at testing whether the Iraqi EFL learners observe or flout the Gricean maxims, assessing the Iraqi EFL learners’ mastery of the conversational maxims, and identifying which maxim(s) is/are frequently flouted. The study hypothesizes that the Iraqi EFL learners flout all the maxims of conversation, the maxim of relation is the least flouted one, the Iraqi EFL learners find the maxims difficult to adhere to, and the maxim of quantity is mostly flouted. The subjects of the study are a hundred Iraqi EFL learners at the fourth-year, Dept. of English, College of Education for Humanities, University of Al-Muthanna. The data elicitation toolis a recognition test designed in accordance with nature of the study. The study brings forth the conclusions that the subjects have a difficulty in utilizing the maxims altogether, they flout all the conversational maxims in relatively different degrees, and the learners are mostly abided by the maxim of relation more than the other ones.

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